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Leadership Opportunities 2019/20

Mastery Specialist

Lead: N/A

Mastery Specialists are classroom practitioners who develop expertise in the mastery approach to teaching maths. Through rigorous and interactive training, they become experts in introducing and embedding mastery.

The recruitment window is now open for the Secondary Mastery Specialist Programme starting September 2020/21. We are now welcoming applications from secondary schools that wish to nominate 'lead teachers' to take part in an important three-year professional development programme leading to the designation of Secondary Mastery Specialist. The information pack can be downloaded here and contains a link to the online application form on page 4. The application deadline is Wednesday 22 April 2020. 

Now recruiting for 2020/21

Work Group Lead

Lead: N/A

In each Maths Hub, there are a dozen or so different projects (or Work Groups) running simultaneously in a wide range of areas. Each involves a different mix of teachers and other maths education experts. While the Maths Hub Lead has an overview of the activity as a whole, each project has its own Work Group Lead. Across the Maths Hubs network, there are now hundreds of these local leaders of maths education (LLMEs), exerting influence and leadership in their own Maths Hub. Work Group Leads have access to high quality training and support from the Maths Hub and the national network of leads led by the NCETM.

PD Lead


The NCETM Professional Development Lead Accreditation is designed for those who lead professional development for teachers of mathematics. There is a choice from five possible pathways to accreditation depending on the phases of the teachers with whom PD leads work: Early Years, Primary, Secondary, Advanced Level, and Core Maths. NCETM Accredited PD Lead status is gained by successfully completing a development and accreditation training programme which involves face-to-face sessions, together with independent and school-based gap tasks, leading to accreditation by the NCETM. Once accredited, there is an ongoing re-registration process and there is also support for PD Leads to maintain accreditation.



This project aims to support mathematics SLEs in developing their approaches to mathematics school improvement work including drawing on the expertise of, and aligning more with approaches using in, the Maths Hubs Programme. It will provide a regional support programme for participants through three workshops and an online community. The programme is for current mathematics SLEs linked to a Teaching School and will benefit those who have previous experience of developing leadership capacity in schools or are new to the role. Participants will be expected to commit to the full programme of activities and will need the support of the headteacher of their own school and Teaching School.