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Primary Projects 2019/20

Lesson Design

Lead: Ryan Gumley

Three free professional development days spread across the spring and summer terms will support your school in developing lesson planning in maths. Sessions will explore how recently-published free professional development materials can be used to plan for small steps in planning and teaching. The concept of variation - one of the more challenging aspects of developing Teaching for Mastery - will also be explored.

Mixed Age Planning

Lead: Vicki Gow and Katy Heyworth

This project will trial and review a range of approaches to deal with the issue of planning for mixed age classes in a mastery context. Schools will nominate two teachers, including the Maths Lead, and will address issues surrounding structuring lesson time, structuring staffing and timetables and meeting learners' needs. There is no cost for participation in this project.

Developing Deeper Subject Knowledge in Year 2 Mathematics

Lead: Heather Martin, Claire Irvin, Sarah Ottewell

This Innovation Work Group focuses on developing maths in year 2, in particular getting a balance between the requirements of the statutory KS1 framework and the principles of Teaching for Mastery. This Work Group will explore different key areas of the KS1 maths curriculum and will also look at how we bring all the evidence together to make a final judgement. There is no cost for partipation in this Work Group.


Lead: Zoe Firth

This project will consider different models of intervention in a Teaching for Mastery context to ensure that maths teaching has maximum impact for all children. Teachers and leaders participating in this project will further their understanding of Teaching for Mastery by using case studies and research to inform their practice. They will trial an intervention model of their choice in school and will document their observations to share with others as part of the national project. There will be termly meetings for participants with the potential for some bespoke support in participants' own schools. There is no cost for participation in this project.

Specialist Knowledge for Teaching Mathematics

Lead: Heather Martin and Rebecca Longworth (Early Years), Andrew Taylor and Tim Kirk (Primary), Louise Knowles (TA)

Work Groups in this project, which are available in three strands: early years practitioners, primary teachers, and teaching assistants (early years and primary), will focus on developing mathematical subject knowledge in conjunction with understanding the pedagogy that underpins the teaching of it. Understanding of mathematical structures will be explored so that participants gain a detailed understanding of how children learn early mathematical concepts.